Anonymous 35

Something different from my other works. I was exploring around with “up-res-ing”. It was started off from a canvas of 32×32, then up-scaled to 64×64, 128×128 …. so on. Hasn’t turned out as i expected, but it was quite relaxing to just keep painting and go with the flow.

Glitch 02

Another attempt on the glitch series. I used a program named Tiled for the glitch pattern creation. I used it to create background tile map for ‘Kerohiro the Flag Bearer’. It’s surprisingly handy when being used for the glitch patterns. By the way, I am on instagram now : lekchan.ig


“Just blow into the cartridge..” If you are too young, you probably don’t know what that mean. In short, when games were still delivered in the form of cartridge, you sometimes get glitches when the copper contact fail. Blowing/scrubbing the cartridge sometimes help (some also say its futile). The glitches produced were often bizarre and […]

Kerohiro the Flag Bearer (iOS/Android game)

Hi all, I have released a new game on iTunes and GooglePlay: Kerohiro the Flag Bearer.   You play as Kerohiro, a frog. Instead of crossing rivers and busy roads, you wield flag. Form you own team, unite them under your flag. Lead your team to fight for glory, unveil secret conspiracy, explore dungeons and […]

Colours 03

I am back! It has been a tough period for me for the past months, one of my family member had got some serious health prob and had been admitted to hospital. Thankfully he has gotten stable, and my family daily life get back to normal again.


Dear all, thank you for being with me all these days. How have your 2015 been? fruitful? happy? May 2016 be a gentle year. Happy 2016.


~Happy Holiday to all~ It has been a while, back with “Colours” (or Colors). Hope you guys like this. Had been slogging a lot on my new game project. Still spending lots of hours on photoshop, but more on pixel art.


There has been a of “speech muffling” happened here recently. A gov body openly warned public not to post any info/statement that will harm the country (in fact, not to harm the current established gov). A news program had been punished for showing a picture of our frowning prime minister. When i was watching a […]