Layers, lots of layers. Not the PS file, you, yourself.


It’s the year of Sheep. When you stare into their eyes, its like diving into an eternal tunnel of void. What’s lying beneath?

Eye Test

Eye Test How’s your eye sight? Mine is getting worse every year.


Ah-he (阿河), a hippo formerly based in Skyzoo, Taiwan, jumped off a moving truck while being transported from Miaoli to Taichung. It fell on a parked car on the roadside, broke a tooth, injured, lying on the road and literally crying. The thread of white tear not only shocked the who country, especially for animal lovers, […]

How to draw a face (side view)

Hi folks, I have made my second tutorial video this week. This time around, I will talk a bit about how to draw faces on side view. Although it’s rather rare to see painting/drawing with a perfect side view for composition, it is good to know the form of it. Hope you find this helpful.   Please […]

Christmas in the Silent Forest

This is a remake of my old illustration, based on a song by Yoko Kanno, lyrics by Shanti Snyder, very poetic. It has been 7 years since then. Time flies. Sigh. ~Merry Christmas~