Minnie Hartford

My bike, a Hartford Mini125, was having a problem with the gear shifter. Some mechanics told me that it has something to do with the gear box and engine overhaul might be needed


In just a blink of eye, you turned into a pile of useless pixel laying on the ground. Thanks for viewing

Walk the Dog

If you notice, I made the cloud and bushes on the ground using the same “polygon mesh”. This is on purpose to makde a little reference to a very famous game. What game you asked? take a guess, it’s areal classic and i am sure you know it. (Hint: the game is by Nintendo) Shiba […]

The Community

This is an experimental piece, exploring the possibility of implementing isometric pixel art into illustration. Quite a fun experience although it was really brain stressing converting drawn object into isometric. Thanks for viewing.

Anonymous 32

A weekend practice with overlay coloring technique. I have seen many pros used the technique and I always wanted to learn that. Somehow i just cant get hold of it, the color temp is out of control and i almost need to repaint everything through manual color picking. The level is undoubtedly much accurate using […]

Life of Pi

It’s the life of Pi(pronounced “pea”), not “pie”. It’s the name of the dog. It has its own FB page at https://www.facebook.com/pi.chu.3110 Living like a king in the Ho’s family. A very clever and somewhat.. cunning fella, in an adorable way. By the time this pic published, the poor mouse beside had already lost her […]

Goodbye Shanghai

Bye bye Shanghai. After a period of 14 months expat life in Shanghai, I concluded some of my vivid impression into this piece of illustration. Interpret it however you feel like. It is a bizarre mixture of hi-so+low-so, a very vibrant and energetic megalopolis.