Has been a while since the last upload. Back with a new portrait. Thanks for viewing.


Must admit that i never liked skinny female figure. Back to hand pick coloring. the grey scale underneath is a guide of lighting.

Paper Flower

An attempt on something different in terms of mood and atmosphere.No Painttool Sai, merely photoshop.

Minnie Hartford

My bike, a Hartford Mini125, was having a problem with the gear shifter. Some mechanics told me that it has something to do with the gear box and engine overhaul might be needed


In just a blink of eye, you turned into a pile of useless pixel laying on the ground. Thanks for viewing

Walk the Dog

If you notice, I made the cloud and bushes on the ground using the same “polygon mesh”. This is on purpose to makde a little reference to a very famous game. What game you asked? take a guess, it’s areal classic and i am sure you know it. (Hint: the game is by Nintendo) Shiba […]

The Community

This is an experimental piece, exploring the possibility of implementing isometric pixel art into illustration. Quite a fun experience although it was really brain stressing converting drawn object into isometric. Thanks for viewing.