[2008/10/23] ASIAGRAPH2008 @ Tokyo


ASIAGRAPH is a joint event of science, art and exhibition where Asian researchers and creators active on the front line globally gather together, present most advanced technology and exhibit their works in order to further develop the Asian diverse and unique cultures and the Asian excellent and unique digital content created through combination of art and technology.
I am honored to have my work “Oiran” selected on the list:

ASIAGRAPH ASEAN+3 CGアートギャラリー 公募 第一部門入選発表
List of successful competitors for Division I
ASIAGRAPH ASEAN+3 CG ArtGallery (CG Competition)

最優秀作品 Best works 

優秀作品 Excellent works
荒木慎司 松原えいじ トモチ・グレーテスト 栗本みき Rey.Hori sek yong kai Bing Xiao Viki yeo PAPARAYA PRATIMOL BOONPRACHAK Keun-chul Jang Joongshin Im

入選作品 Wining works
Gutchee 神田智哉 ゆずりは さとし 鵜戸亜矢香 雨上がり羊 久多@麩羅画堂 かながわしんすけ Peter Ang fythullah hamzah Fung Kin Chew Kin Sun Loh Yi you Liu PO-CHUAN LI KATHA NA BADALUNG

準入選作品 Runners-up
オダナヲコ miwa ichiko モリボスヒコ maco 星野勝之 ART‐EL 垣野 緑 筒井海砂 高木レオン Sei ホラグチ カヨ 小技(kowaza) Chee Lek Chan Harvey Bunda Simon Ho

Following is my entry that has been chosen:


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