[2009/05/23] Popcorn #2



POPCORN is a local (Malaysia) english magazine by the Art Square Group,featuring artworks of top notch artist from Asia, including Tan Eng Huat, Billy Tan, Sonny Liew …etc. It provides a platform for local artist to broadcast their creativity and opens a gateway for dream weavers to strive their way into mainstream, creating new wave abroad. (more about the magazine)
My work has “Oiran” (yea,the same work again) has been featured in Popcorn #2 together with other artist like Luciole Loong, Virus-AC74, David Wang, Rain, Kuang Hong, Hyrohiku and Jay Shen. Puppeteer (one of my fav local artist) is kind enough to share his workflow with a thorough tutorial in the same issue. Not missing out also an article about the famous Imaginary Friends Studio and its co-founders, Kai, Kendrick and Stanley.

Following is my entry that has been chosen:


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