Multi-Constrains and Anima


1st OCT 2009 was the launching ceremony day of the first exhibition by Jia Xiang, Lee (my interactive art lecturer) titled “Multi-Constrains”. Through polygons, Lee is trying to establish the relationship between points, edges and surfaces, which reflects how things are being produced out of multi-constrains.

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Together with the above event, ‘ANIMA’ animation festival was launched at the same time. The festival showcased. There are three primary themes in this exhibition, namely the short film by Taiwanese New Talents; graduation films from 2008 French digital animation school SUPINFOCOM; and the compilation of fine works by the Parisian animation school GOBELINS from 2003 to 2009.

following are some interesting animation shown:

Deadline (The director attended the event)

Le Building

Burning Safari

Chrono 1.0

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