PIXAR : 20 Years of Animation


Taipei Fine Art Museum is holding one of the most wanted exhibition this summer, “PIXAR : 20 Years of Animation” from 7th AUG 09 to 1st NOV 09. The exhibition is organized together with Environmental Art Centre and Barbican International Enterprise which in charge of PIXAR tour. The expo is exhibiting approximately 650 drawings, sketches, digital printing, 50 over sculptures, as well as video installations and classic short films.

The exhibition is divided into 12 sections:

1, Pixar History
As per the title, year what date what happened what…

2, Characters
I think this is the most valuable section, as most of the hand drawn sketches and sculptures are exhibited in this area.

Showcase of story boards, color scripts and animatics.

4, World
lots of world/background design and matte painting

5, Special Feature
‘Ratatouille’, ‘Wall-E’ and ‘Up’ are the featured work where the creative process is demonstrated.

6, The Art of Pixar’s Short Films
5 highly representative short animation (those shown before the movie) are presented along with creative process materials.

7, Zoetrope
This is the best part! It spins, it spins faster, it spins even faster…  and magic happens when the lights start to blinks.

8, Meet the Artist
Interviews(videos) of the artists and crew.

9, Artscape
An animation presented with 4 joint projections, leading audience from one scene to another, going through the world of animations that PIXAR produced these years.

I went to the exhibition on a Thursday afternoon, but still it was packed like canned sardine. People were walking along the walls in like tortoise. I regretted from the moment I stepped inside looking at the crowd. Another weird thing I experienced was the tour guide headset I rented. The idea is like this, you put the headset on, whenever you see a little number next to the art work, punch the number in, Sulley and Mike (Monster Inc) will give you and audio introduction about the section. The problem is, this is Taiwan, Sulley and Mike speak Mandarin and only Mandarin, hahahahaha. It feels very awkward and I decided to turn it off.

Overall, I think the exhibition is quite worth it, especially for those who are not familiar with animation production. It give a brief idea on the creative process, character design, world design, script writing, storyboarding and so on. And the hand drawn sketches and detailed sculptures are splendid.

The best moment is when the audience “Wow” together spontaneously when Zoetrope’s lights started to blink.



Unfortunately, visitors are not allowed to take photos.

For more pics & info, visit online.tfam.museum/pixar/ and pixar20.blogspot.com .

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