Attack on Titan

I have just finished watching the anime “Attack on Titan” or 進撃の巨人 last week, and decided to made a fan art and bla a bit about the series.

First of all, the english translation of the title is really off and in fact contradict with the original. 進撃の巨人 literally means “The invading/attacking Titan”, which shows the nature of the aggressive Titan who constantly attacking human race, where “Attack on Titan” reversed the position, implying someone/something is attacking the Titan, which to me is quite confusing.

I must complain that the story progression is really slow due to the arrangement of each episode. Each episode average lengthed 24 min. 2.5 mins goes to previous recap, 1.5 mins goes to opening theme, 2 mins goes to ending theme, and another 1 mins goes to next episode preview….. and tons of flashback during in animation…

Concept wise, although not much has been revealed till date, but there are many similarities found with Eva. gigantic godly creature trying to eliminate mankind for unknown reason. Average protagonist with strong sense of justice, somehow possess the submerged power to be awaken, berserk raging, giant creature consuming on each other.

I find neither Eren, Mikasa, Amin is interesting, the character are too typical. Captain Erwin is kind of interesting thou, with all the strategy and conspiracy in his mind.

It’s not that its a bad series, i find it entertaining to watch and to follow the development of each character. But for the huh-hah and tremendous good reception, I still find it lack of something..
Looking forward to a more intrigue story progress in upcoming season.

Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan

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