[Workflowvideo:video] Welcome2TPE

“The colorful city was drizzling whole evening the day i arrived” Yeap, I am currently at Taipei, again a fulltime student, taking my master course at NTNU. Life is short and unpredictable, set sail and explore before your shoulders are bearing too much for you to do so.

Action Anime

Gigantic monster, school girl, sailor uniform, panties… “Where is the weak but hot-blooded boy character?” “Blah~ who cares” Below are the close-up.

Duet of Neutral

An attempt for a DA-Wacom event, “Good Vs Evil”. My last post before departing for Melbourne hours later. I am going to reclaim my sleeping later on the 8-hours airborne time.


This is a character re-designing i did for an online contest event. Her name is Kayla, a cyborg, originally Sunchildkate‘s character. I myself was quite happy with the outcome, especially on her outfit and the wings. C&C are most welcomed.