Dear all, thank you for being with me all these days. How have your 2015 been? fruitful? happy? May 2016 be a gentle year. Happy 2016.


~Happy Holiday to all~ It has been a while, back with “Colours” (or Colors). Hope you guys like this. Had been slogging a lot on my new game project. Still spending lots of hours on photoshop, but more on pixel art.


There has been a of “speech muffling” happened here recently. A gov body openly warned public not to post any info/statement that will harm the country (in fact, not to harm the current established gov). A news program had been punished for showing a picture of our frowning prime minister. When i was watching a […]


Something different for this entry, a lady Yakuza. This is a character from a very old Japanese movie named “Hibotan Bakutp”, telling a story of a daughter from a yakuza clan who seek revenge for her father. The role was played out by a very elegant actress named Sumiko Fuji. If you are a Jap […]


I must say i was a very lucky kid. My parents indulged me a lot, buying me many toys when i achieve good result at school. I had quite some action figures, namely Lion-O, Donatello(TMNT), and some robots from animations that i didn’t even know their names. The information travelling speed was so slow and […]

Mosaic Tatas

    Thanks you for 10k subs on Youtube. <3 ——————edit:20170419—————– Received a content nudity warning, image removed. kindly visit my ig: https://www.instagram.com/lekchan.ig/


For the past few weeks, i has been focusing on the post-publishing matter for my game, Sudden Bonus. I was very lucky to be able to meet up with Tim, the Editor-in-Chief of IndieGames.com. He is a very nice person and had generously given me a lot of tips/exp sharing about Indie Game industry. Please […]