Green Mountain

“Who has changed the green mountain, staging a kitsch scene out of it? Who has changed the blue water, stirring a muddy swirl from within?” Digital painting Green Mountain by Lek Chan.


Another form of glitch: Polygon distortion. This seems quite common in modern games, where the models have higher poly numbers than those early PS1 3d games.


“Just blow into the cartridge..” If you are too young, you probably don’t know what that mean. In short, when games were still delivered in the form of cartridge, you sometimes get glitches when the copper contact fail. Blowing/scrubbing the cartridge sometimes help (some also say its futile). The glitches produced were often bizarre and […]


Dear all, thank you for being with me all these days. How have your 2015 been? fruitful? happy? May 2016 be a gentle year. Happy 2016.


Something different for this entry, a lady Yakuza. This is a character from a very old Japanese movie named “Hibotan Bakutp”, telling a story of a daughter from a yakuza clan who seek revenge for her father. The role was played out by a very elegant actress named Sumiko Fuji. If you are a Jap […]


For the past few weeks, i has been focusing on the post-publishing matter for my game, Sudden Bonus. I was very lucky to be able to meet up with Tim, the Editor-in-Chief of He is a very nice person and had generously given me a lot of tips/exp sharing about Indie Game industry. Please […]