Anonymous 32

A weekend practice with overlay coloring technique. I have seen many pros used the technique and I always wanted to learn that. Somehow i just cant get hold of it, the color temp is out of control and i almost need to repaint everything through manual color picking. The level is undoubtedly much accurate using […]

Life of Pi

It’s the life of Pi(pronounced “pea”), not “pie”. It’s the name of the dog. It has its own FB page at Living like a king in the Ho’s family. A very clever and somewhat.. cunning fella, in an adorable way. By the time this pic published, the poor mouse beside had already lost her […]

Goodbye Shanghai

Bye bye Shanghai. After a period of 14 months expat life in Shanghai, I concluded some of my vivid impression into this piece of illustration. Interpret it however you feel like. It is a bizarre mixture of hi-so+low-so, a very vibrant and energetic megalopolis.

Rising Sun: preorder now open!

Augi and Feesh have started the Rising Sun project which is for charity purpose. All profits made in the sales will be donated to the Japanese Salvation Army.The pre-order is now opened till 15th Jul. Kindly visit this link for more info.

[Workflow] CNY2010

Happy Chinese New Year/Lunar New year for those who are celebrating. It is the year of tiger this year. Wish everyone a year of prosperity and happiness. The 3 big characters says celebrating a festive day, while the 4 small characters are the ‘Heavenly Stems’ and ‘Earthly Branches’ of this lunar year.


This is a character re-designing i did for an online contest event. Her name is Kayla, a cyborg, originally Sunchildkate‘s character. I myself was quite happy with the outcome, especially on her outfit and the wings. C&C are most welcomed.