Vertices 02

Another attempt on “Vertices”.  The hair colour was unintentional. I accidentally came across that while adjusting colour balance. It surprisingly goes quite well with the skin tone. Somehow reminds me of Ramona from movie Scott Pilgrom vs. the World.  

Pamelo (Sudden Watermelon)

I did a little “fan art” of Pamelo, a character from Sudden Watermelon (ios/android game). For those who know about “Batwatch”, it’s rather obvious what’s parody here, hehe. Actually, I was never a fan of Pamela Anderson. But i think the character she played in the series was quite classic. Hope you will like this […]

Anonymous 35

Something different from my other works. I was exploring around with “up-res-ing”. It was started off from a canvas of 32×32, then up-scaled to 64×64, 128×128 …. so on. Hasn’t turned out as i expected, but it was quite relaxing to just keep painting and go with the flow.


Something different for this entry, a lady Yakuza. This is a character from a very old Japanese movie named “Hibotan Bakutp”, telling a story of a daughter from a yakuza clan who seek revenge for her father. The role was played out by a very elegant actress named Sumiko Fuji. If you are a Jap […]


Laura and Tommy were lovers He wanted to give her everything Flowers, presents, but most of all, a wedding ring…