Anonymous 32

A weekend practice with overlay coloring technique. I have seen many pros used the technique and I always wanted to learn that. Somehow i just cant get hold of it, the color temp is out of control and i almost need to repaint everything through manual color picking. The level is undoubtedly much accurate using […]

The Mori Sisters

The above is an preview of another entry of mine in The Rising Sun project. You may ask what has this got to do with Japan. The “Mori Girls” is a fashion trend from Japanese subculture where girls dressed up like fairy tale wanderer in forest. The camera mori sister is doing the yowayowa levitating […]

Happy CNY + V’s day

Yello~ everybody, Happy Chinese New Year + Valentine’s Day. It’s the year of bunny, what’s become a hot topic? … do not rear a pet rabbit simply because it’s the year of bunny. Keep one only if you willing to take good care of it for the rest of its life (applied to all sort […]

[Workflow:video] The Legendary Reploid

Celebrating the 22nd anniversary,  UDON is calling entry for a tribute art book of Megaman Zero (a.k.a Rockman Zero) saga. Being missed out for the last Street fighter tribute artbook, i finished my entry early this time, and this is it.