[Workflow:video] ML01

It has been a real long time since the last workflow. Back with this new piece, exploring new method. View the video and you will know what i meant. The few photos i used are some random shots from my trip. Hope you guys like it 🙂

[Workflow:video] MemFraction01

When I was still living in that small town named Tanjung Malim (Malaysia), there was a railway station near my house. I used to, erm.. sort of trespass the station, the play and run around the railway and wagons. If lucky, I might find off-shift locomotive resting there. It was fun having a kampung (country) […]

[Workflow:video] Hello Honey

Hello Honey~ I have been looking at some works by Ashley Wood lately and got inspired by his impactful finishing and brush strokes. This is a try out in SAI with a single layer workout. As usual texturing was done in Photoshop. Bell bottoms, Vespa, bright Indian boy in yellowish theme, retro enough yea.

[Workflow:video] Wizard of Words

This is an entry of mine for the Fantasy Earth Zero Contest. I have chosen sorcerer category, ended up with this design. She is a Wizard of Words, posses the power of manipulating words obviously. Books and feather quill pen will be her equipment. I am quite happy with the color scheme. The character could […]

[Workflow:video] Selina…

It has been a total void for the whole month May. I am such a crappy procrastinator. What can i say~ something beautiful happened for the past few weeks. Whatever the upcoming will be, it has been a wonderful month. Hookay~ here i am back with this piece. It’s a scene from a picture book […]

[Workflow:video] Nori

A collaboration with friends, Draft : Nori (yea, thts  her. She can draw incredible anatomy without any construction lines, scary) Inking : Arc Chen (multi-talented, he is basically a walking encyclopedia) coloring : me