Attack on Titan

I have just finished watching the anime “Attack on Titan” or 進撃の巨人 last week, and decided to made a fan art and bla a bit about the series.


Must admit that i never liked skinny female figure. Back to hand pick coloring. the grey scale underneath is a guide of lighting.

Minnie Hartford

My bike, a Hartford Mini125, was having a problem with the gear shifter. Some mechanics told me that it has something to do with the gear box and engine overhaul might be needed

The Community

This is an experimental piece, exploring the possibility of implementing isometric pixel art into illustration. Quite a fun experience although it was really brain stressing converting drawn object into isometric. Thanks for viewing.

Anonymous 32

A weekend practice with overlay coloring technique. I have seen many pros used the technique and I always wanted to learn that. Somehow i just cant get hold of it, the color temp is out of control and i almost need to repaint everything through manual color picking. The level is undoubtedly much accurate using […]