[Workflow:video] Nori

A collaboration with friends, Draft : Nori (yea, thts  her. She can draw incredible anatomy without any construction lines, scary) Inking : Arc Chen (multi-talented, he is basically a walking encyclopedia) coloring : me

[Workflow:video] Heart-beat

Lucky to have a my work “Action Anime” to be selected as daily deviation weeks back. It has been a great exposure to my DA gallery. Here is a little present i did for the Gift-giver. Hope she will like it. That was a lucky week with DD together with my cover story on PixelArt […]

[Workflow] Rhino Hunting – The Triumph

This was supposed to be a trial of SAI, but can’t hold on defining the form, eventually got back to PS. SAI is a unbelievable light CG painting tools. Give it a try if you always suffer from lagging. Back to the work, this is a continuity on “Rhino Hunting – The Encounter”. I spent […]

[Workflow] Storm Shadow

Just watched [G.I Joe : The Rise of Cobra] weeks ago. Erm.. if you don’t question much, just sit down and watch, quite entertaining. Storm Shadow by Byung-hun Lee is cool but the last battle is kinda lame. Here is a fanart to mourn his death.


This is a character re-designing i did for an online contest event. Her name is Kayla, a cyborg, originally Sunchildkate‘s character. I myself was quite happy with the outcome, especially on her outfit and the wings. C&C are most welcomed.