[Workflow:video] Heart-beat

Lucky to have a my work “Action Anime” to be selected as daily deviation weeks back. It has been a great exposure to my DA gallery. Here is a little present i did for the Gift-giver. Hope she will like it. That was a lucky week with DD together with my cover story on PixelArt […]

[Workflow] CNY2010

Happy Chinese New Year/Lunar New year for those who are celebrating. It is the year of tiger this year. Wish everyone a year of prosperity and happiness. The 3 big characters says celebrating a festive day, while the 4 small characters are the ‘Heavenly Stems’ and ‘Earthly Branches’ of this lunar year.

[Workflow:video] 40%off

A practice took reference of a 40% off mag advertisement. The composition wasn’t planned well, i cropped the picture in the end as it seems lost focus, and my patience burned out…. gotta start CNY project quick.

[Workflow:video] Lettuce

There was a new friend i met on DA last week named anikoky.I find her ID pic very beautiful and inspiring, she was there gently holding a lettuce in her hand with a lovely smile, hence i made a pic based on her photo. Nevertheless, the features is just loosely based as this was initially […]

[Workflow:video] Next Destination

Continue exploring on SAI. No complaint on the painting process, the color blending and water stroke are superb. The programme itself is very light, unlike PS, it can flip the canvas in a click, and able to turn the canvas to arbitrary angle like painter. However, i still prefer PS for texturing at this point.

[Workflow] Justitia’s Judgement

I had been studying Gustav Klimt and Art Nouveau for the past few weeks. Art Nouveau is an international art movement happened 1890-1910 in Europe and US. It has given rise to a lot of highly styled art forms. Gustav Klimt was the leader of the Secessionists in Vienna and well known for his golden […]

[Workflow] Rhino Hunting – The Triumph

This was supposed to be a trial of SAI, but can’t hold on defining the form, eventually got back to PS. SAI is a unbelievable light CG painting tools. Give it a try if you always suffer from lagging. Back to the work, this is a continuity on “Rhino Hunting – The Encounter”. I spent […]