A Wisdom Tooth

I had my upper right wisdom tooth removed. This is the first one. I took the removed tooth home, put it in a glass with diluted bleach. It feels kinda…complicated staring at this little white enamel thingy. This little fella have dwelt in my mouth for more than 10 years, now its just lying there. […]

Save The King

During the Umbrella Revolution (actually i rather call it a movement, but guess i will stick with how it’s addressed by media), numerous confrontations happened between the demonstrator and police force. The significant dispute between the police and citizen was ignited by the first released tear gas (followed by 86 launched later). It was a […]

The Demonstrator

When September 2014 drawing to an end, a demonstration has been carried out by student federation in HK, later evolved into a massive demonstration movement. 87 tear gas grenades and pepper spray were fired at empty handed demonstrators. The defend-less demonstrators have only umbrella to shield themselves from the violent suppress act of riot police, […]

Attack on Titan

I have just finished watching the anime “Attack on Titan” or 進撃の巨人 last week, and decided to made a fan art and bla a bit about the series.


Must admit that i never liked skinny female figure. Back to hand pick coloring. the grey scale underneath is a guide of lighting.