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I am Lek.

I worked as Project Director in Kuala Lumpur, Taipei and Shanghai. Nevertheless, my working experience had no direct connection to neither illustration nor game maker. I am very passionate in painting/illustrating where at a point of life, I actually sold off my company share and went for a Master Degree in Taipei to pursue my dream of being an artist. Having to grow up along with the booming of digital media and internet, these elements have heavily affected my painting. As you can see from my paintings, they are mostly revolving around key elements of pixels, virtual, and existence. Hope you will find them intriguing or perhaps thought provoking.

Thank you for your interest in my creations.
If you like my work and kind enough to support the poor creator here, you can:

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Thank you.


1) What brushes do you use?
For PS, i am using AdonihsBrushes, hannes_brushes, Brush_Florian_Aupetit, i will not redistribute the files here but i think you can get them by goggling. As for SAI, i followed a setting from CGhub long time ago, which has been shut down. Along the way i have made a lot of setting changes and texture.
UPDATE: I have uploaded my SAI brushes settings at here, in case you want to take a look.

2) Where did you get your texture?

3) What are the music you used for your video?
I used musics from Youtube library, normally from the genre ‘Ambient’.
As for title for each song/music, i normally lost track of them after archiving the editing files. If i still have that,i will definitely answer you.
They are all in youtube library anyway.

4)Why wont you reply to my comment?
I normally respond to all comment and critiques, as I highly appreciate you taking time leaving me some words and share with me your thoughts. However in Youtube, there are users who have not linked their Youtube acc with G+ acc correctly, with leads to no “reply” option to your comment, which disable me from replying. You can google “no reply option youtube”, there are plenty fixing tutorial available.

5) What tablet you use?
Wacom intuos 4, 6×4 inch.

-Thank you-

9 thoughts on “I am Lek (About)

  1. Hey! I love your paintings and I have some doubt: You draw with a tablet (like a bamboo or similar) or it with a mouse? I want to start but I dont know how and I have a really big difficulty to draw, you have some advice?

    Thank you <3

  2. Hi Gabriel, thank you for dropping by. I draw with an intuos 4, sized 4×6 inches.
    If you are already fluent in traditional drawing (with pencil or pen), and really interested into going digital, i would recommend you get a tablet and switch over to digital.
    If you are totally new to drawing, i think you can try out with pencil sketching first.
    I presume there are some artist/comic artist you like, you can start off by imitating their drawing side by side (this can keep your interest as you get to see quick result). However if you are serious about learning to draw, try look for proper figure drawing material for correct proportion, learning solid basic can help you go a long way. Try google “andrew loomis”.
    Hope this help 🙂 happy learning ~

  3. Hello, Dear. Lek Chan

    This is Soribi from Emolab editing team. Emolab is a Korean community, where most of members are deeply interested in art. Our facebook page is looking for genuinely talented artists all over the world and their truly novel artworks. They will be introduced to the public to share the inspiration of art. (Our facebook page is “liked” by about 27,000 users.)

    During the online searching, we had the good fortune to know you and your works. Your works are so marvelous that we hope to introduce them to our “likers.” However, we think, it is not appropriate that we upload artworks without the author’s approval. So, we are writing this note to ask for your prior agreement on this idea.

    If it is agreed, we search for your works (paintings, photos, or videos) on your website or SNS first, and then, we will keep posting your works on our facebook page and blog. Every posting, attachment, or any kind of exposure of your works will be always accompanied by your name and original sources of them (website or SNS address). And please be noted that we will put brief information about Emolab on the bottom.

    Although you agreed on this idea first, later you might feel you don’t want us to upload your works on our SNS anymore. But don’t worry about it. You can just send us a message to stop it. Then, we will do not upload them anymore.

    If you agree with us, simply inform us of your agreement via email or facebook message. If there is no reply, we will regard you don’t agree, and do not use any of your works.

    Our facebook address;

    E-mail address;

  4. Hello, (I think something went wrong the first time I tried to send this message so I’m trying again)

    My name is Sarah and I am currently an art student in the UK and I was inspired by your work. In fact I have chosen to include you in my project as part of an artist study, where I write about an artist, their work, their influences and how they influenced me. From looking at your social media profiles, I couldn’t really find out much about you and so I thought I might ask you personally, if its not too much trouble.
    You don’t have to answer all the questions if you don’t want to but:

    1. Could you give me some general background information?- So where/when were you born?

    2. What influenced you to paint Self 02? What are its themes?

    3. Why did you choose digital art and how did you get into it?

    4. Is there another artist you are influenced by?

    5. Did you go to art school/college? Did this help you discover your own style?

  5. Dear Sarah, thank you for your message and interest in my work. I am honor to be included in your project. Please allow me some time to prepare my answer and get back. Before that, if you don’t mind i would like to know:
    1) your full name
    2) which school/college are you from?
    3) Major? Year?
    4) would you mind sharing your works with me?
    The above are just for my personal contact keep-tracking.
    For privacy protection consideration, we can perhaps communicate through mail, my mailbox is info[at]lekchan.com
    Looking forward to your mail 🙂
    Thank you again.

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  8. Hi Lek,

    just cam across your work via Society6. It’s amazing.
    I also read that you had a difficult time living from your art… It’s the same here.
    Have you heard of Skillshare ? it’s a community where you can teach and given your knowhow on SAI & Photoshop and the community you’ve built, I’m sure you could make a steady revenue from your classes.
    Keep up the good work !

  9. Thank you so much for dropping by.
    I have heard about Skillshare and approached by its community manager.
    It seems like a good platform for online classes. I will look into your kind suggestion.
    I visited your website, you have a vast collection of wonderful works.

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